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I am passionate about yoga and tend to be quite technical as a yoga teacher as it is important to me to make sure my students embark in their yoga journeys in a safe manner. Quite often in my classes at local gyms such as David Lloyd and Nuffield Health I see members attempting yoga poses without any knowledge of what they are doing because they haven't learned yoga techniques correctly.

I always try my best to make sure everyone is practicing yoga in a safe way but this is more challenging to do when there is only one teacher for 25 students in a room!

This is why i decided to offer one-to-one yoga sessions at my home in Kingston so my students learn yoga asanas (poses) so well they will feel much more comfortable when practicing at a gym class or at their own homes.

I offer yoga sessions combined with sound healing as my approach is always nurturing not only the body but also the mind and the spirit.

During these sessions at my home I will teach you most common yoga poses in detail until you feel confident in what you are doing.

The sound healing session afterwards will complete a full holistic and meditative experience you will never get at a yoga class at a gym!

What are you waiting for? Contact me to arrange your first yoga and sound healing session - the first session is with a 50% discount!

 Yoga and Sound Healing Session
60 minute individual session
20 min yoga / 40 min sound healing
40 min yoga / 20 min sound healing
Single session: £60
Pack of 3 sessions: £160 (save £20)
Pack of 5 sessions: £250 (save £50)
90 minute individual session
30 min yoga / 60 min sound healing
45 min yoga / 45 min sound healing
Single session: £80
Pack of 3 sessions: £210 (save £30)
Pack of 5 sessions: £340 (save £60)
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